Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 in a nutshell

Apparently, it's been a busy year. In addition to chasing my BQ this year, my youngest is doing select soccer. I now have to take him to soccer 3 nights a week plus games on the weekend.

It hasn't been too bad. The soccer complex is a nice 1.15 mile square with nice even grass or blacktop so I've been training there. I have 2 hours to kill, I might as well run! :-)

I divided my year into two seasons: half marathon PR attempt and BQ at the Chicago Marathon in the fall. I ran a few other club races but those were my BIG races of the year.
My favorite flying pig. 

Finish at the Pig
I decided to run the Flying Pig in Cincinnati in May. I've done this race at least 3 times so I knew what I was getting myself into. I hadn't focused any energy on the half and I wanted to improve my old PR of 1:49. I trained with the Hanson's method again but this was my first try with their half marathon plan. It was definitely as intense as my full marathon plan. I ran over 700 miles in 18 weeks. I PR'd with a 1:42. I know I could have gone under 1:40 if it wasn't so humid that day.  I managed to get 5th in my Age group so it was a good consolation prize. 

I'd hoped my speed training in the spring would translate to more speed in the fall marathon.  

In hindsight, I needed more time between training cycles. I took two weeks off. Then started for three weeks before I had to start my training plan for the Chicago marathon. My hip had been tight all spring but I chalked up to getting older. About five weeks in, it seized  up so much I couldn't even walk. My chiro recommended a few weeks of cross training. So for 4 weeks, I Aqua jogged and ellipticaled it. I went to a PT who was able to get my hip even again, finally no pain! I had nine weeks at that point to get ready for Chicago. 
Mile 23 at the Chicago Marathon
Training 4 days a week during soccer practices with a long run on the weekend. I let go of all my time goals and decided I was going to just have fun and enjoy the experience of Chicago. I'm so glad I did. I was so relaxed even up until the race morning. I had planned that I'd run around 4hrs15 mins. I surprised myself with 4:04.  

Now on to new adventures!

I've hired a coach. Coach Becki knows a bit about marathoning. She won the Akron Marathon this year and ran the Olympic Trials this past Feb. I don't planning on winning any marathons but I know I have some life still in these legs.

Also, I've been selected as a BibRave Pro. I get to help review races and products for runners. I'm super excited to join them.

In 2017, my Spring goal race is the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon in Toledo. I wanted a smaller race, flat and close to home but something new. Also, being a soccer mom, I had to wait to see what the spring soccer tournaments were going to be before I could commit. We still might have a league game that weekend but less of disruption. I'm totally looking forward to it. Check out the BibRave reviews of Toledo. Here's a discount code for $5 off the entry: brpsavings 

What was your year like? PRs? Races to remember? Let me know!

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