Tuesday, August 9, 2011

500 miles

So back on Jan 1, I decided that my new years resolution would be to run 1000 miles in 2011.  I just my 500th mile today and I know that I'm not going to reach my goal unless I train for a marathon in December.   I'm not one to freak out about not reaching goals, I honestly wasn't sure I'd make it, but I'd give it my best shot.  I'm just going to take one day at a time and see where I end up at the end of the year. 

So I have visitors this week, and anyone who runs will tell you that it completely messes with your training schedule.  Yesterday I had on the schedule 3 miles and weights.  I had wanted to get the 3 miles in because I was at 497 miles and well... It didn't happen.  I ran 9 on Sun, and my body was still pretty tired in the am, so I was thinking I'd do something later.  Well, I forgot that Cub's first soccer practice with the trainer was Monday night and it ran longer than I thought.*( more about that in a minute).  I got home, DH and my mom had made dinner, I poured myself a beer and looked at my watch.  I had 10 minutes until sign in at the Rec for my zumba class (if you know me....I've been faithfully doing zumba for 3 years now).  Crap!  3 bites of burger and a sip of beer before handing over parts of my dinner to the fam and running to get my stuff on. 

Got to the Rec, got my spot in the zumba class (that's another long grumply post for later), realized I forgot my iphone, all the treadmills were taken (seriously?!) so I biked for about 5 minutes watching tv on my neighbors bike (mine wasn't working) then lifted, then zumba.  Came home and ate highly nutritious dinner of....Cheez-its and string cheese.  (I wish I could strike that out)

My plan today was to get up early and do my track workout.  I had to do it otherwise there would be no time today for any running.  Got up at 6:30, eating a banana then Buster woke up in tears since the blanket fort he'd slept in had fallen down last night.  Nothing like trying to reason w/ a 4 year old who's tired.  DH got up with him and I headed out by 7. 

I love working out on the track.  Really I do.  I have such good memories of running in high school and coaching my first few years of teaching.  Anyways, 7 am on a cinder track, I did 8 x400 at a 7:00  min pace with 400 recovery jogs between.  It felt easy today, score!  About half way through another runner showed up and I actually know her!  We'd done bootcamp at the Rec 2 years ago.  Anyways, we caught up for a bit.

It was a great workout and I got home a bit to close to the time to take the boys to soccer camp * so DH took off with them (which I don't think he looked at the watch since he left with 20 mins to spare).

Got to go, my mom is out of the shower, can't really blog and visit.  Have a great day! 


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