Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a normal week...

Wow! Totally failing on blogging this week. 

Buster & Cub snuggling @7am after stumbling out to say bye before I head to work.

Got to be like big brother!

A few days off of work is always nice.  Managed to get in my training with this awesome February weather here in Ohio.  I'm loving it! 40-50 degrees w/ NO snow! Awesome for running. I bet there will be a ton of PR's/fast early races here in Ohio since everyone has been able to get out and run.

I have 2 little races in my future.  I'm running "the Greene goes Red 2 mile race" this Saturday with Cub.  I've been waiting to run with him since this fall.  I was supposed to run a 5k at the end of October but I was injured we get to!  2 miles is perfect too.  It's actually supposed to be chilly (35 degrees) on Sat so a short race with Cub will be perfect. 

I also went ahead and signed up for the Harrigan's 5k which is on March 10th.  It's were I PR'd last year beating my old high school PR from 18 years ago. (wow...I'm old!)  Anyways, it was a great run and I'm looking forward to see what I'll do this year.  I really think my spinning classes have really improved my running.  I feel stronger and faster so I can't wait to push myself in a race to see where I'm at.  Plus it's on the training plan for the PIG. 

This week/last week:
Friday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: Spinning (19 miles/600 calories)
Sunday: 4.6 miles
Monday: 3.5 miles
Tuesday: Spinning (20 miles/620 calories)
Wednesday: 4.6 miles w/hills
Tomorrow:  spinning?
Friday: off
Saturday: 2 miles

So I noticed I didn't actually take any day off last week. I did cardio everyday.  Is that ok? I figure I'm not doing high impact everyday...and I still need to work in weights.  I'm wondering, is it better to fit in lifting after spinning? or after running? 

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