Sunday, March 4, 2012

wild week of weather

What a crazy few days here with the weather! picture
Friday, I had the day off and ran in the morning (3 miles) since they were calling for bad weather/tornados in the afternoon.  I kept the tv on all day (usually never do this) since the weather channel and our local news kept updating with the chances of the storms being bad.  Weather channel actually gave Cincinnati/southern Ohio a Tor-con rating of an 8- 80% chance of a tornado within 50 miles.  I knew that my dh has everything prepared in the basement shelter area, but I was more nervous since I was alone.  The kids were in school and dh was at work. I worked on lovely laundry- actually almost had it done! Made our york peppermint patty brownies for the school concert in the evening and waited.  Dh came home early and we went to pick up the boys. 
As soon as we got home, the we had a tornado warning (not a tornado watch) but it was for the northern part of our county.  No sirens, just some heavy rain and lightning, then it was over.  Just like that. Over.  We all know that we were really lucky since Southern Indiana and Kentucky got the worst of it.    I know that I get anxious about storms and I'm always kicking myself that I spent so much time worrying about it.  The good thing was that our boys had a blast at their concert later that night.  They both looked so cute in their ties- which they insisted on wearing (and we found out almost all the boys were wearing ties). 

Only in Ohio...snow today, 70's on Thursday

Today was my long run for the week.  Another 6 mile run.  It was snowing this AM and I really didn't feel like getting all bundled up to run in the snow and wind for 6 miles. So I headed to the rec center to find out they weren't open yet!
 So back home for another hour- wasted times looking at training plans for a full marathon (future post about that)- then headed back to the rec for my run(s).  I love that our rec center is super close to where we live, but there are little things, like 25 min limit on the cardio machines is so annoying!  I was planning on doing a steady  run with some hills but ended up boosting up the speed near the end since I like to try to get 3 miles in.  I ended up going about a 7:10 pace the last few minutes as I raced the clock.  Multiply by 2 and you have my workout.  6.2 in 51:40. (snuck in more minutes during the cooldown)  I figure I might be at the rec again tomorrow- and actually pick up some weights too!  Looking forward to the 70 degrees on Thursday.  Got to love Ohio!  If you don't like the weather, wait a day and it will be completely different. 


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