Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March update: 13 13.1s in 2013 challenge

Wow!  I'm so impressed by how much you guys have run!!!!  Seriously though, I'm super jealous that you guys are doing this and I'm still dealing with this ankle.  I guess I biked 88 miles last week- if that counts for anything! :-)

Here is what I have from you guys so far.  Please email me/dailymile message me/leave a comment and I'll add any that I haven't seen.  

1.  Renee C. with 7 !   
 2.Aneta Z with 6!
3.  Tammie W. with 3
3.  Bill with 3 (2=26.2) plus one last month- total of 4 
3. Mitzi with 3 (I know you've run more- update me!)
3. Yolanda with 3 (same thing- update me!)
4. Shona W with 2 (update?)
5. Carrie R.  aka my running partner- nothing yet, right?

Please let me know if I forgot anyone!  Feel free to join as well!  

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