Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running update

11 weeks post injury- this is this AM before I've really been on my foot today.
  •  Dr appt went well, told Dr my problems that I am still having, he again focused on my now hard lump in front of my ankle.  He thinks I might have an impingement which is why I can't flex my ankle.  I'm supposed to get an MRI...which is another story. 
  • So Mon is Dr appt, I'm to get a call to schedule MRI, I wait til Thursday after work- still no call, grrr, call the Dr office, get call on Fri, "Oh, Dr never put in the MRI order, but it's in the office notes.  You'll get a call next week".  Yesterday, I get a call "Scheduling you for a CAT scan" "What?!, I'm supposed to get a MRI." "Oh, the note says MRI but the order is for a CAT scan, I'll call you back after confirming with the Dr".  So, here I am, day 2 of my vacation- waiting to get this MRI scheduled.  I don't want to take time off of work for the MRI and the follow-up appt if I can help it.  Seriously, people!  
  • Ran again this past Saturday since the sun was out and the temps in the balmy 50s.   3.1 miles in 28:40.  Ankle hurt the entire time...grrrrrrr.  BUT I RAN 3.1 without stopping.  Yay for keeping my cardio up with spinning. Ankle was a bit pissed off after, but Hey, f- it. 
  • Walked/Ran on Easter Sunday, again the beautiful weather drew me out and of course, being curious, my walked started with a small run to test out the ankle, then ended about 1.5 miles later.  Again, ankle not happy with me. Good thing it's cold out this week again- probably won't try anything for a while considering I could hardly spin last night it hurt so bad.  
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  • So that's were I am...I've reached the F it stage.  I am tired of not running.  It's been 11 weeks.  I am happy I still have cardio so I'm not out of breath.  This running once a week is not making me happy.  


  1. Hi Running Mom,

    Thanks for your blog! If I may ask - did you ever find out what's that hard lump in front of the injured ankle? I sprained my right ankle playing basketball over 7 weeks ago and while it no longer hurts when I walk, it's still swollen and I also noticed a hard lump in the front which bothers me. I've had the RICE treatments on the ankle and had an X-ray (the doctor didn't see anything concerning).



  2. Hi Simon,
    It was just swelling for the most part but was hard because of location of swelling in the joint. My Dr was concerned it was the anterior tibialis which tends to ball up when it ruptured but I passed all the tests. It ended being swelling only. I had arthroscopic surgery to "clean it up" 6 months after my initial injury. Keep up with RICE and swelling stays for a long time after. Good luck!


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