Saturday, April 6, 2013

Waiting game

Ankle update: 
Nothing like wasting (well- I cleaned a bit) my spring break waiting for insurance to approve my MRI.  It's only taken 2 weeks.  Finally get a call at 6:30 on Friday night telling me my doctor ordered a CT scan not an MRI (which is what Monday's call was about - who knew a CAT scan and a CT were the same thing?)  

My Dr had thrown out both types of scans in our conversation- but I thought we decided on MRI (better for soft tissue) over a CT (better for bones).  Anyways, at this point and much googling, I'm sure the CT will probably be better for my anterior bony lump anyways.   Now, I have to arrange a time to call the imagining center with Anthem to arrange it- which will have to be after work hours since I can't take calls (like normal people) or use my cell phone (like normal people) at work.  So maybe I'll get this done by May. 

Running update:  
Ran on Thursday- still feeling it on Saturday.  Grrrrr.  Although, I did managed to knock out a 26:34 5k.  8:33 pace.  Feeling good about my cardio and music selection!  I just wish I wasn't feeling it after so much- it felt fine while I ran.  This raw hamburger tender feeling in the joint is not fun.   BTW 12 weeks and counting since this ankle stuff started.  Depressing.

Spinning miles this week:  70 miles and 4 classes, talked about getting certified to teaching spinning with someone at the Rec, might be worth it at this point.  Although, I'm afraid, I won't get a hard workout in then since I'll actually have to talk instead of focusing on breathing.   But, considering how slow this recovery is going, might as well!  Or get a road bike.

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