Tuesday, September 4, 2012

13 13.1s in 2013 Challenge

Random thought in the shower tonight about next year's running goals- yes- I'm aware that is only the beginning of September.  My marathon is next week and I know that I'll be at a loss to what to train for after.  So here is my idea:
  Run 13  half marathons in 2013  

Right now I'm thinking that here in Ohio the majority of the halves are in the early Spring or Fall. I thought about doing a 1/2 a month but realized that finding a race close by in Jan/Feb would be pretty tough to do.  

So, I am wondering...is anyone else up for the challenge?  Take a look and see if there are any half marathons in your neck of the woods.  Find a race 

Please let me know what you think!  My initial idea is that we can do a check in and if you'd like to do a race recap or link to your blog that would be cool too.  There is plenty of time to work out how it will work.  

If you're interested, please think about following me (not required) and/or comment with any suggestions.  Any links back to my page would also be appreciated!!  

***EDITED***  Here's the link to sign up for the challenge  13 13.1s in 2013 Challenge


  1. great idea! there is a half in Dublin, OH in February. It's The Last Chance for Boston. Check it out!

  2. This sounds like an awesome idea. I'd be interested!

    Tara B


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