Friday, October 21, 2011

Injury update

So the last I left you, I could barely walk after my half marathon.  My legs were shot, my heel was not happy at all with me.  I woke up Monday after Sunday's race and had to hop around the house.  I had a Dr appt at 1 so only a few hours of not moving around.  Here's a video someone posted and it's so true.  Totally felt this way.

Dr appt took a grand total of 15 minutes, with most of it me waiting for him to come in the exam room.  I told him that I thought it was plantar fasciitis and everything I'd been doing and about my race the day before.  His wife had run the full and was feeling just as stiff and awful as I was.  He basically told me to stretch more and that if I wanted a prescription to physical therapy I could have one.  I decided I might as well try PT and see if it would help.  I go back in 6 weeks for a follow up, if PT and stretching don't help he said he'd give me a shot of cortisone.  I've heard that it's extremely painful shot to get (especially in the foot- and I'm not fond of needles anyways).  So here's to PT!

PT people had an opening that day.  Score!  My therapist did the usual measurements for my ankle and calves. I always knew I had tight calves but I never know how tight.  Basically a normal ankle should have about 15 degrees of flexibility.  Both of mine were at 0 degrees!  granted that was a day after my 1/2!  So, after all the measurements, etc.  I got ultrasound to improve blood flow, a nice heel massage and ice. 
Went back on Wednesday, got to do all sorts of stretching and strengthening exercises.  Got warm up on the exercise bike- felt pretty good to do some cardio.  More ultrasound and ice.  Left feeling better.  No longer walking with a limp.  Ended up going to the gym Weds night to ride the bike since its better than nothing. I did 7 miles but man, my butt hurts still! 

Today, I braved not taking any Aleve and felt ok.  Not 100% but as long as a I walked slowly- only a little pain, but if I walked how I normally do- with a misson!- it still hurts.  I'm still walking more on the outside of my foot, since it acts up if I pronate.

GRRR this resting concept is awful!  What have you done when you can't run?

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