Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Race Recap: Columbus 1/2 Marathon part 2- the race

Boom!  The cannon next to the State Capital goes off and we're off.  I was in corral B (for the 1:35-1:45 estimated finishers) which was pretty close to the start.  We took off with the fireworks going off, church bells tolling.  It was quite impressive.  I keep nervously looking up where the fireworks were going off, afraid of getting singed by the ashes. (I know they have professionals who make sure that doesn't happen but I need something to worry about), my foot started to remind me it was not 100% happy (even after 2 Aleve).
1/2 mile mark (never seen that before) Carrie and I were right on target 4 mins.  I was feeling great.  I love running in big crowds as long as I'm not having to change my pace to get past someone or slow down.
1 mile 8:04.  Still feeling awesome, foot not bad, Carrie was to quote "not in her happy place".  So we separated a bit, I assumed she was just right behind me.
Mile 2-7:44 feeling great, ran past some DJ playing Pitbull, nothing like Mr. 305 to keep me going.
Between mile 3 and 4
Mile 3- 7:44 again, starting to feel a bit winded, pretty fast 3 miles ( 23:33), we were in Bexley so I took off my arm warmers and prepared to start looking for my family which we had planned to be at the corner of Maryland and some other street. (probably should know it- but I don't).  Ok- there is a water stop with people on both sides of the street, tons of cups flying around, avoided getting splashed. (In my my mind, I wasn't planning a H2O stop there) anyways made my way over to the left side of the road so I could throw my stuff at the fam- nearly cut someone off- sorry about that!  Then I see my mother in law and Buster with my dh's best friend, zipped over and throw down my arm warmers and was off again!  I didn't even see Cub or dh!
Mile 4:  8:05 Oh, heel, I'm sorry, was I ignoring you?  I feel you now...only 9 miles left...  Nice big Golden Lab was tied up in front of a house was barking furiously at all the runners- I just assumed he was cheering us on in "Bark".  I'm sure he was saying "go runners go!"
Mile 5: 7:55 Honestly, couldn't tell you what I was thinking here...on autopilot.
Mile 6- 7:53 there was a guy with a microphone screaming, "you trained for this", "so did you" "no, you didn't train" It was funny, headed under in inflatable start line and mat.  Yay, tweetmytime.com should I have posted an update for my friends- which they did!  So cool.  Anyways, 10k in 49:06.  Not bad, considering my PR is 46:45.
Mile 7- 8:21 Feeling sluggish, heel is bugging me, not happy...oh, I have my Cliff shots- i should probably eat those now!  and note to self:  practice running and eating them next time. 
Mile 8-8:25 still trying to eat, drink water, only 5 to go, come on heel...
Mile 9- 8:12 I think this is were I saw dh and his bff, who actually go me me to look  and got to pose for a picture. Also around here, I was passed my one of my dailymile.com friends- TaraB.  She looked so strong and it was cool to have someone on the course to tell you that you're doing a good job! 
Mile 10-8:34  We headed in to German Village and the crowds were amazing.  I was feeling sluggish and I knew my foot was starting to literally be a pain.
Mile 11-8:58  2 more miles to go, I can do this, I've trained for this, I can do this, I hate plantar fasciitis, this sucks, I can do this, is that a huge pace group surrounding me and passing me, yup, I can do this, I wonder if I walk, if I'd be able to start up again?, probably not, must keep going...
Mile 12-9:15, only one more mile...I wonder how obviously I'm limping? my right side is getting tighter, calf slightly cramped up twice.  Where did this hill come from? Passed the start, getting closer to the end. 
Mile 13-9:05 ouch, ouch, ouch, must keep going, I've gone this far.  I can see the sign pointing the 1/2 milers to turn off.  I might have to hop in to the finish line, this hurts so bad...craaaap.Where the hell is the finish line?  At least its down hill, maybe I could just roll down the hill...
.1 53 sec.  Done!  I actually cried when I passed the line, 1 hr 49 mins.  shit- that still beat my conservative goal that I set myself this summer of 1:50.   My goal before getting hurt was 1 hr 45 so not too bad considering.  Got my metal, space blanket, water, goodie bag, saw dh and his bff on the other side of the fence.  I limped out to meet them.  Then I got a tweet from another friend on dailymile congratulating me on my time and pr!  Love Tweet my Time!  so cool! 

Had to hang on dh for support, since I could barely walk after I stopped moving.  Finally found Carrie, she was only 2 mins behind me!

What a race!  What a year!  Amazing what we've been able to do in a year. Last year this time we were running local 5ks only and our long runs were 5 miles.  I definitely want to do this race again.  The course was beautiful, the supporters were amazing and it's close by!

Now, time to heal the heel.  And for those of you who care, My dr told me to just rest and stretch and go to PT to get it fixed up.  So I will do that, since limping sucks. :-)


  1. Nice pictures--how'd you get them from.different points in the race?

  2. My awesome husband was on the course!


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