Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pre race jitters

I posted my running log from dailymile so you could see why I'm worried...7 miles last week, none this week, only 19 in October!  My race is THIS Sunday. 3 almost 2 days away.  Am I ready? Well... maybe...If anything I need a confidence builder, a good strong 3 mile run where I feel great. But I can't.  I can't risk my foot hurting again.  Tonight, I feel the best I have felt in 2 weeks.  I have to confess, I've been taking Advil and my running buddy told me to try Aleve instead- popped 2 of those suckers and I'm feeling way better!  I'm such a dork- I hate taking medicine and Advil hadn't been working so I gave up instead of going stronger!  It could be resting and ice and now Aleve... anyways, as much of a confidence builder as I'm going to get! 

So as for my injury report: seem to be on the mend.  Yay! and if I'm not, trusty Dr. appt on Monday to fix me up.
Edited this part below- photo uploader would not work last night!

What to wear? What to wear?

Can't wait to wear my new running skirt (see previous post for link).  Also, my newish brooks Run Happy shirt.  I'm hoping I'll be happy. My only think I'm kind of worried about is the arm warmers- since I use an armband for my iphone and if I want to take the warmers off it's going to be tricky.  Good thing start time temp is going to be 32 degrees!  Brrrrrr.  At least I won't be able to feel my feet the first mile!  I'm wearing my CEP compression socks that have brought me PR's every time I wear them- and I'll PR on Sunday (as long as I finish!-since it's my 1st 1/2)  

Injury update parte deux:  Heel felt good again this am with taking Aleve before going to bed, started hurting again during the work day but not as bad as before.   Doesn't help I'm on my feet all the time for work! 

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