Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis be damned!

My big race that I've been training for is next week!
I signed up in April for the Columbus Marathon, got my hotel room at the start line, planned out my training for 13 weeks.  I added weight lifting to my routine, cut down on zumba, convinced my running partner to sign up, my dh and kids are on board to travel the race route to cheer me on, got my adorable running skirt (and actually test-wore it so it's definitely a go), I've run training races (doing surprisingly well- I might add!) now we're down to 10 days away.

Then came my 12 mile run last Sunday

I had a great 6 mile run, but my heel was starting to bug me, it wasn't too bad so I figured I'd ice it later.  Well, let's just say it kept getting worse by Monday, I was limping around work.  I iced when I had a chance.  After work I ran drove to the running store in the area that carries the Strassburg sock.

(NOTE: I am an internet hypochondriac when it comes to running injuries but I do realize I have all the tell tale signs of Plantar Fasciitis.) I am following all the recommended stuff:  ice, stretch, Advil, wear shoes at all times w/ support (I have custom orthotics in my shoes already), night splint.

So this sock helps pulls up on your toes and helps you stretch your plantar fascia (tendon on the bottom of your foot that attaches to your heel) and your calf.  My running partner swore it helped her with it. I tried it for 2 nights, had to take it off after a few hours since it was pulling my toes which was pushing in my big toe nail- I don't need an ingrown toenail on top of this injury.

Took a "test" run around the block on Tuesday (managed to feel pretty good after 1 mile-so ended up doing 3.5 miles), then more pain- I'm not talking the typical hurts a bit after getting up but loosens up, but ouch every step on Wednesday.  Went out Wednesday to my fav Target and got another Night Splint, this one is cheaper, doesn't make my toes dig in to my flesh and pretty comfortable.  Felt great with my first few steps this am, then about the 10th step it hurt again.  Damn. Damn. Damn.

Anyways, as much as I shouldn't have, I ran again today.  I tried KT taping.  I did 3.5 again, but this time it didn't really ever stop hurting, it just wasn't stabbing pain but dull- it was hot outside too, so generally a crappy run.

My logical side says well, duh, Heather, take time off- a few days won't be too bad. I'd tell my running partner that- in fact I did, since she's been sick.  But my illogical side says " You have a race next week- you can't take too much time off- at least keep in shape!"

And YES, I did call the Dr. but I can't get an appt until Oct 17th- conveniently the day after the race. 

So, I here I am, ready to race,  I've been waiting how long for this race? Now I'm wondering if I'll finish...I could cry.  I've never thought about dropping out of a race before, and I'm definitely going to start it but I think my goal time of 1:45 is probably going to be a goal for next year. 

So, what would you do?  Start it and try to finish  or  rest and try again with another 1/2?

PS- I'm not sure what happened with my title...looks like dog poo on the grass!  I'll figure that out at somepoint! :-)


  1. I'm sure you'll do fine!

  2. Man, Heather, that sucks. My brother was training for the marathon in Hartford and tore his knee out on one of his long runs. I'd say, if rest and Aleve help, go for it, but just go in knowing that you may need to take care of yourself during the race. But better to try, right?


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