Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy busy

Ok- so I'm a complete failure in updating my blog lately.  So my big girl job has required a bit of effort lately and the boys have returned to school so our life has been exhausting.  I managed to get some good runs in as well. 

SUN- Ran my longest yet (since kids- that is) 12 miles on the trails.  My running partner and I met up at 7 am on a Sunday. It was actually chilly enough that I left the house with a sweatshirt!  Can't wait for more crisp running weather.  Managed to go about a mile when Carrie took a nose dive (sorry Carrie)-damn roots! Thank goodness she was ok.  Anyways we managed to get through 4 miles when we saw deer just along the trail and they stayed put so I could get my phone out of my armband to get a pic. 

MON- I could only manage 1/2 mile on the treadmill and weights.  Then off to ZUMBA.  I absolutely love doing zumba after running long the day before.  It totally loosens up the legs/hips and it's something that isn't running.  :-)

TUES- Track workout day.  4 x 800 at 7:20 pace.  Did this at "my" track, near my house.  It's an old cinder track by a lake.  Totally reminds me of Jr. High- since our track was cinders.  I decided to run after work- wow! it was really hot...(but less mommy guilt about leaving later)   I was thinking that I might try for another 800  and about puked after one lap so decided against finishing that one. 

WEDS-  Crazy soccer night at our house.  I took Buster to his first practice at 5:30-6:30, hubby took Cub to his soccer practice at 6:30-7:30.  We might as well have a revolving door in our house!  I was so wiped out from (I think) the 12miler and work I had no desire to go run later.  Decided a "rest" day was in order.

THURS- Tempo Thursday.  Another super hot day in Ohio, so I headed right to the Rec after work and got my 45 min tempo run in.  I did first 24 mins at a 7:41 pace and next 24 mins at a 7:30 pace.  (Can you tell the TM have a time limit of 25mins?)  all in all 6.2 miles in 48 mins.  Awesome! Almost my PR for a 10k.  Only 2 weeks left before the Air Force 10k.  I'm feeling good about it (knock on wood!).

FRI- 100 degrees and a scheduled soccer game and plans to go run 3 and a quick lift but and a beer and blogging....carbo loading, right?

This weekend- I'm not sure what to do... running a 5k on Monday, but I need to get a long run in too.  Might run after the race.  Anyone ever done that? 

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