Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend update

I might have to take this off, seriously creeping me out
The weather has really cramped my running style this weekend.  Yesterday was way to hot so I ended up  doing 5 miles on treadmill while watching Man Woman vs nature show.  Not a fun show to watch if you are squeamish like me!  Leaches, huge spiders, yuck!, but I was going to fast to push the TV channel button on the screen to change it.  Oh well! 

Not the same ducks but you get the point
Today has been storms after storms, and I just didn't feel like getting soaked. But I had to do something since my running partner ran 13.1 on her own today. I also was debating how much to run since I'm running a race tomorrow.  I need to get a long run in but I hate not doing well at races so I decided 6 was good enough.  I watched the pool- which I assumed was closed but the guards were there.  They were trying to get a duck that was just swimming around in the pool by herself, she'd come out then go back in.  I think they finely gave up, and the guards went back inside- and then about 6 ducks came out of the bushes and got in the pool. It was like something out of a cartoon.  This was way more entertaining than reruns of Sex in the City that was on TV

Tomorrow is a special race for me.  I'm running the Holiday at Home 5k.  Which was my big modest return to running.  In 2008, I started going to a boot camp class at our Rec and at the end of the summer was this race.  We'd been doing some running but not 3 miles worth...I'd been doing zumba as well so I had some cardio.  My goal was to finish and maybe break 30 mins.


2008- 28:36
2009- 26:00
2010- 24:41
2011- ??

I'm also running a virtual 5k sponsored by Casey of Running after Bugs and Bees
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend- probably should start dinner now!

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