Monday, September 5, 2011

Running Naked

Got you to look! 

I had a race today and I decided that I'd not time myself so that I could run by how I felt instead of worrying about my time.  It was a great idea! 

This morning was around mid 50 degrees and it was so refreshing after the entire summer of heat!  I felt good.  Almost too good- like I probably should run a bit harder next time.  The race didn't have timers at the mile markers- so I was completely clueless on my time. 

I took the first mile (I think) pretty conservative, I'd placed myself in the right spot, so I wasn't dodging slower runners and I wasn't sprinting to keep up.  Mile 2 was great, wind at my back.  Mile 3 I still was feeling strong.  Sometimes, I get winded (maybe that's not the right word) but generally start feeling gross/tired and I just try to hang on for end, but today I was strong.  I powered through the last mile- actually passing people! I was surprised to see the timer at 22:32 when I crossed the line.  I felt great- I could go for another few miles at that pace...good thing since the Air Force 10k is in 2 weeks.  

My dh always tells me after how many women were ahead of me, 13 today.  So, 14th overall, 3rd in my age group.  I'll take it!

 Cub ran the kid's fun run, which was about a 1/2 mile.  It was so fun to watch them take off since they were all sprinting.  Cub ended up getting 3rd place.  He looked like he was having a blast and he got the famed "Participant"ribbon which is a family joke of ours since I won a 5k outright and was handed a nice black participant ribbon- not even blue for 1st place! 

Waiting for mommy to be done running!
What's nice to see is all the lifting that I've been doing is starting to pay off.  So what did I do later? Go lift!  It was Monday, and Monday and Wednesday are my lifting days.  I also ran another 3 since I'd postponed my long run for this race.  I wanted to get an additional 6 miles in but after the race this am and lifting my legs were pretty tired so 3 it was.  

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