Monday, September 12, 2011

Wait, what was that?!

My feet hurt suddenly, my IT band feels tight, my throat is slightly sore, what was that twinge in my hamstring?  Must be taper time!  I swear I become such a hypochondriac before a big race.

Granted, my feet are hurting a bit and it probably has something to do with my high mileage last week. Since I've been on (friend me! Heather)  this has been the most I've ever done in a week.  32 miles.

I ran yesterday with my buddy and it was perfect weather and great run.  I did 6 miles and @Zumbachica ran another 5 since she was feeling guilty about not running much this week!  Loca.  It was a great run considering I was tired from the 9 the day before.  We ran through a beautiful field of daisies (or something similar) on part of the trail.

Not much this week on the training calendar, track workout tomorrow easy 2 miles and a 30 min tempo on Weds, Thurs walk through the AF expo, Friday rest.

Now I'm just worried about the Parking situation, since it seems I have to get to the base by 0 dark hundred or 5:30 am!  Then just chill out for at least an hour before I need to do anything.  I was going to drag the fam with me but somehow on a Sat. morning, sleeping in will probably what they will dh will want to do.  We'll see how that goes...

1 comment:

  1. omg taper week!! ugh, it can be the worst! good luck on your race! i thought about signing up for it but i think it'd be a little impulsive!


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